San Diego Automobile Museum

JCCS is helping  The San Diego Automotive Museum to make their “dream” Japanese exhibit come true:

“We are  looking for classic Japanese vehicles for their upcoming exhibit “Japanese Steel”. The exhibit will run from June 3rd through September 17th. We are hoping to show rare vehicles that illustrate the beauty and unique styling and engineering of Japanese vehicles. Spanning from the earliest models to perhaps the 1990s. While we are really interested in vehicles that were mostly only for the Japanese market that the U.S. public has not had the chance to see, we are open to showing a few rare western market vehicles as well.

We are hoping to show an overview of Japanese auto manufacturing, exhibiting as many makes we can. We have found most Toyota vehicles we were looking for. We are looking for Nissans, Hondas, Mazdas, Subarus, Isuzus, and Mitsubishis. We would also like some vintage Japanese motorcycles as well.

We would adore an early 1936 Datsun 15, 1953 Austin A 40, A Skyline GT-R, 1964 Silvia, 1958 Datsun 220 truck, 1967 Bluebird wagon, 1968 R381, Datsun Fairlady 1000 and Z, 1960 Datsun 1200 or 1958 1000 pick up truck

Mazda Cosmo, 1962 Carol, RX2, RX 3 and pickup trucks

Honda 1965 S600, 1962 s360, N600 coupe and a 1300

Isuzu Bellett Type R, 1971 117 coupe PA90

Subaru 1966 360 coupe and van, WRX STI, 100 FF”


…. we hope they can find treasures, and it could be your turn?

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Japanese Classic Car Show

Japanese Classic Car Show