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2017 JCCS Eligible Car models – EVERY MODEL MADE pre/0n 1985 Japanese brands, which also include the models that were first manufactured on/before 1985.  

Please send email to see if your car

2017 Eligible models includes :

All Japanese brands models which include first manufactured on/before 1985.

Includes (but not only limited to)

  • Toyota MR2 AW10 & 11 (all 1st gen ’84 to ’89) continuation models
  • Toyota Supra Mk1 & Mk2 
  • Toyota Corolla AE86  (’83 to ’87) continuation models
  • Toyota Celica 3rd gen (’81 to ’86)  RA6# continuation model/ Not ST models)
  • Nissan 300ZX /Z31  (‘83 to ’89  continuation model/Not Z32 models)
  • Mitsubishi Starion  (’82 to ’89)
  • Dodge Colt (“Mitsubishi” Gallant)
  • Plymouth Colt, Arrow or pre ’85 models
  • Mazda RX-7 (’78 to ’85)  1st gen & 2nd gen
  • Honda Integra 1st gen (’85 to ’89) continuation model
  • Subaru Bratt 


2017 Invited Models:  updated 8/16/2017

  • Honda Beat (JDM) (’91- ’98)
  • Mazda MX-5 Miata 1st gen (NA Mark 1 – ’89 to ’97)
  • Mazda RX-7 FC (’85 to ’88) 2nd gen
  • Honda CR-X (’87 to ’91) 2nd gen
  • Mitsubishi Gallant (’87 to “91) 6th gen
  • Mitsubishi Delica (’68 – ’94)
  • TOYOTA Celica (’85 to’89) 4th gen
  • All Daihatsu models up to ’89


Not sure if your car is eligible? Please. CONTACT 

Rules and Regulation Page  – REVIEW

WHY NOT MY CAR ?  JCCS Registration F.A.Q. 


JCCS 2017  Registration includes:

  • A JCCS  T-shirt
  • JCCS Commemorative Dash Plaque
  • JCCS Commemorative Decal Limited for only registered owners
  • A drawing ticket for a charity raffle – JCCS supports JDRF
  • Goody items from various JCCS Sponsors


Registration process includes a submission of photos for each entry.

Stock and modified cars are welcome, though we’re looking for outstanding examples. No project cars, mismatched paint, excessive rust or major dents, please.


Cars will be screened for: 

  • Cracked glass,
  • rust on any part of the vehicle,
  • primer paint spots or entirely painted in primer,
  • missing exterior parts,
  • dust and/or dirt,
  • mismatched body panels,
  • large dents and/or crash damage,
  • missing interior parts including carpeting (where applicable), and/or dirty interiors,
  • overall quality of restoration / modification

those are examples to be screened for.


Photo requirements: Maximum image size is 2MB /each photo.   Front Quarter & Rear Quarter are mandatory angles.  Please prepare photos before you register on-line.


  1. You will be asked to upload recent car photos in FULL COLOR. 
  2. The photo must be taken during the DAY TIME, under the sun.
  3. NOT ACCEPTED: BLACK/ WHITE or SEPIA color photo, and car PARTIALLY showing photo.
  4. *Occasionally, JCCS will request you for the interior photos or any additional photos to determine the car eligibility. 

Sample Photos (ideal angles) : Front & Rear Quarter  (no need to open hood) showing both side of body.





















Questions? JCCS Registration F.A.Q.