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For Immediate Release - June 14, 2011

7th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show
Date: Sep.10th, Saturday 2011
Time:9 to 3pm
Event Address: Queen Mary Events Park
1126 Queens Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90802
Admission: TBA
Kids under 12 Free


The number
seven has long been considered a lucky number across cultures; the cars that bear this number have also been lucky. Witness: Toyota 7, the racer which won back-to-back 1000km Suzuka races. Witness: Mazda RX-7, which re-introduced the notion of a realistically-priced sports car to the world. Witness: Datsun 710, which showed America that Datsun could build larger cars just as well as it could do the small ones, and the Datsun 720, the first Japanese pickup built in America. These models also prove the old axiom: luck is the child of hard work and opportunity.

As JCCS celebrates its seventh annual event on
Saturday, September 10th, we pause to reflect on our own luck and good fortune--the friends we've made, the times we've had, the cars we've seen. We remain grateful for the opportunity to show the world that Japanese cars and classic cars need not be mutually exclusive; with dedication and perseverance, the idea has taken hold.

This year, JCCS endeavors to create a surfeit of
luck and good wishes to send across the Pacific. The news has moved on here in the US, but the daily horrors following the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear meltdown continue for hundreds of thousands of Japanese. Our theme word this year is "katsu"--victory over circumstances which cause pain and suffering. From illness and misfortune, to the difficulty of restoring a car to the level that we wish to attain, to the recent horrors of life in coastal Japan, katsu gives us strength to continue on.

Additionally, our annual Hanafuda card features
a tiger--a traditional protective charm to ward off misfortune and invite good luck into one's life. The admired tiger guardian appears with the kanji characters meaning win/defeat/overcome. This symbolizes our hope that both Japan and you, our faithful JCCS friends, will always be protected. At the same time, the land of the rising sun means that there is always a new day dawning--and with it, new opportunity. Both the map of Japan and the Rising Sun flag on our poster convey our belief that there are better days ahead, new opportunities to come, and hope remains and grows in our hearts.

Our over-arching car theme this year is
Rare Yet Popular--cars that have captured the popular imagination of the old-Japan-car scene at large, but which do not exist in sufficient quantities that there are enough for everyone. Many may have been built, but few remain. We celebrate these rare survivors, and invite you to do the same.

A new segment at JCCS this year is the
vintage motorcycle class. Even before Japanese cars were accepted in America, the Japanese motorcycle made great inroads in convincing a skeptical American public that Japan made a quality product. Our motorcycle class has a cutoff date of 1975. We hope you enjoy this new addition to JCCS.

Everyone here at JCCS looks forward to seeing you at the Queen Mary on September 10,2011. Our seventh annual event will be a show to remember!

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"Kyu-sha shu-kai" stands for Classic Car Meeeting
images: Japanese Classic Car Show Association

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