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For Immediate Release
June 3, 2010
Japanese Classic Car Show Association
Event Address: 1126 Queens Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90802

The Japanese Classic Car Show Association is proud to announce the 6th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show: a celebration of growth and strength through half a decade.

Long Beach, California has been an international port of call for seamen and ships from across the globe for more than a century; it is also Ground Zero for the Japanese carfs arrival in America. Emanating from the Port of Long Beach, it is here that Toyotas and Datsuns started rolling onto our shores more than half a century ago. Long-time participants and visitors will recall that the JCCS eventfs infant steps were taken in the shadow of the Queen Mary (the famous ocean liner now docked at the Port of Long Beach) starting in 2005; after two seasons away, the return of JCCS marks new ground in Long Beachfs extensive history with Japanese cars. JCCS honors both the roots of the Japanese-car scene in America and its own history by returning to where it all started. 

Every year, our poster image includes a traditional hanafuda (playing cards with seasonal flowers and imagery). This yearfs image is called bozu. Both a moon cresting a hilltop and a tsuru (Japanese crane) are symbols for happiness, and so combining these images is an expression of our great pleasure in returning to Long Beach--the place where it all started, both for Japanese cars in America and for JCCS.

Our poster image for 2010 also contains a trio of sporty hatchbacks that cover a 15-year span. The Datsun Z-car celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, and wakened the collective American mind to the potential of Japanese cars in to be both fun and frugal, efficient and swift. The Z made America sit up and take notice of the Japanese carsf potential. The Toyota Celica was Americafs best-selling imported sports coupe in the mid-1970s, and sales increased year to year--with more than 160,000 selling in the USA alone in 1977. America clutched Celica to its breast, particularly the Liftback version pictured, as if it were her own. And finally, Mazdafs rotary-powered RX-7 was a pure sports car in a time when the trend was toward softer, more comfortable machines, packed with technological advances. The RX-7 was a willing partner in all hard-driving exploits. To the Japanese-car enthusiast, and to millions across America, these cars also represent happiness: a remembrance of a more care-free time, and the joys of sheer driving pleasure.

As always, the JCCS event encourages the diversity that is inherent in the hobby. Factory-stock? Highly modified and customized? American-spec? JDM? Cars not even available in the States? All are available for inspection. Pick a marque; it will be represented. Some vehicles will have weathered the decades unchanged from factory trim, while others have been reborn, either restored to look like new, or altered into performance machines with capabilities that no one dreamed of when these cars were new. What favorites and friends can we expect to see once again this year? And what new styles and acquaintances will we discover at the same time?

Please join us on Sunday, September 12, at Queen Mary Park in Long Beach, CA, rain or shine. Admission $8 for adults, and kids under 12 are free.

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"Kyu-sha shu-kai" stands for Classic Car Meeeting
images: Japanese Classic Car Show Association

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