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2005 Japanese Classic Car Show
A Letter of Thanks and Appreciation 2005 for the fisrt time with a big success!

Sponsors, Vendors, Competitors and Attendees
The JCCS would like to thank you for your support of the first and best event! We greatly appreciate all the support from everyone that took part in our event and made a wonderful time. We hope everyone had "exciting & fun" time with your Japanese classic car friends. Your support and passion aided in the overwhelming success of this year's JCCS. We hope we can accommodate more cars for 2006 since we had to turn away many owners even though we expanded the parking area up to 250.
Hope to see you all again in 2006!!
JCCS 2005 Press Release
For Immediate Release
July 9, 2005
Hawaiian Gardens, California
Japanese Classic Car Show Association
Event Address:
Queen Mary Event Park, 1126 Queens Hwy., Long Beach, California


Welcome to the
Japanese Classic Car Show. Open to all Japanese old school car enthusiasts in So-Cal (including JDM lovers!). The Japanese Classic Car Show will be held at the Queen Mary in Long Beach on Oct. 1st 2005. The event runs from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. All the gOld Schoolh Japanese brands of cars will really bring you back into the 60fs, 70fs and 80fs. The basic principle of this car show is to enjoy gno matter what the make or models areh within the various makes of Japanese cars (including, but not limited to: Datsun, Toyota, Mazda, Subaru, Honda, Mitsubishic).

On our event flyer can be seen Chinese writing or
Kanji, which reads gKyu-sha Shu-kaih and means gClassic Car/Old School Car Meeting.h The various Japanese car brands have existed in the U.S.A. since the early 60fs, however their popularity is not so great as compared to the American cars ? yet, at ongoing events, it still seems that people tend to gather only within the same make & models, (since there are still plenty of numbers of these cars). In mother country Japan, it is more common to gather all classic cars no matter what the models & makes are. That is usually how the classic car meetings or shows are held in Japan, and the reason is simple: the majority of these classics have rusted away and many are no longer drivable in Japan - or they have just been kept hidden away in garages for the whole time. Quite simply, the fact is that the number of Japanese Classics seen here in California is more than can be seen in Japan. Thank you for this dry climate!

You may ask, gWhy all those flowers behind the cars on the flyer?h What you are seeing is called
Hana-Fuda, and literally means gFlower Cards.h They are Japanese playing cards that are about half the size of regular playing cards and are very traditional and famous as a card game in Japan. They are categorized into 12 kinds of flowers, plus the Moon, the Sun, and as animals, as symbols of the 4 seasons.@Back in the 1980fs in Japan, especially among the young Japanese classic car enthusiasts, it was popular to use such gsymbolsh expressed in Japanese with Kanji, and idioms and sayings from the WWII era. They used gKami-kazeh, and the big gRising Sunh style (as painted on the WWII fighter planes) and the Hana-fuda images to design their 70fs Toyota, Mazda, & Datsun cars. This was done in order to get inspired by symbols of SPEED & STRENGTH. During this time the U.S.A. was still ga foreign country far awayh for most of the people of Japan.

"Kyu-sha shu-kai" stands for Classic Car Meeeting
images: Japanese Classic Car Show Association

Itfs already been 45 years since the very first Japanese vehicle was ported with a pounding heart in California. Who could have imagined what the remarkable popularity of Japanese cars would be? The continuation of persevering efforts and skills of the Japanese car manufacturers has made this significant improvement - strong will and a priority for gmanufacturing high-quality automobiles that satisfy peopleh. And so, the popularity of Japanese classics has grown. The Japanese Classic Car Show is a safe and fun, family oriented event on a sparkling green grass park, in front of the ocean & the mother ship Queen Mary. It is not only about cars, it is about the Japanese culture and respect for old sprits. Bring the kids and enjoy Southern Californiafs blue skies and peaceful ocean breezes while viewing some of the finest Japanese Classics in America.

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