Parking locations to visit the Marina Green Park


Attention: Please check  FREEWAY CLOSURE INFO:  before you leave to the Queen Mary.

Popular Public Parking locations nearby :(with/or without restaurant’s validation discount)


  1. Long Beach Convention Center (across from the park) on E. Shoreline Dr.  ($15 fee for regular vehicle all day)
  2. Shoreline Village parking lot (restaurant’s VALIDATION available)
  3. Street parking by the Shoreline Drive (By the Pike Village)
  4. Aquarium of the Pacific Parking (VALIDATION from near business available!
  5. The PIKE parking structure
  • Parking fees are determined by the properties and subject to change.


Please note: JCCS is not responsible for any parking fee.  Parking space availability. It is a PUBLIC PARKING and is and JCCS has no control of any fee or space availabilty. Parking space is not guaranteed for every event visitors, first come first serve basis. We recommend that car show visitors to pool thier cars with friends, arrive early.



New app! available for you to try – EZparksLB – Park Smarter in Long Beach


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