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22 Feb 2015

BRE 240Z

The original BRE Championship Z was destroyed the year following its 1971 Championship by a privateer racer. However, BRE’s desire to have their own Z has never stopped, especially considering that BRE still offers many of its original aftermarket body parts to current-day Datsun enthusiasts, an everyday reminder of how

03 Feb 2015

Phantom Z Sportwagon

The lost Datsun 240Z Sport Wagon At this year’s Z Car Club of America’s annual convention, a unique 240Z was unveiled. The Datsun 240Z “Sport Wagon” was borne from the mind of Yoshihiko Matsuo, the original stylist of the Datsun 240Z. Though it was never put into production, this one-off

24 Jan 2015

Tamaru Laguna Seca Special

You probably heard that news in August in “Monterey Historic week”, the special “Yota-hachi” proudly raced at the Laguna Seca! The first entry ever, of a Toyota Sports 800 at the Monterey Historic Motorsports Reunion. JCCS is happy to welcome the hero S800, along with the Tamaru/Dai-Nichi Racing Team from