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05 Aug 2016

Free JCCS Signature Sticker for any Shoppers

Attention JCCS Store Shoppers! For a limited time offer during this Summer 2016, any orders will get 1 FREE JCCS Signature Sticker! *while supplies last. (ex) when 2 T-shirts purchased, get 2 free stickers! Now, STREET NEO CLASSICS T-shirts and Nissan Jam T-shirts are added in the store!    CHECK

09 Jul 2016

Special Discount – Queen Mary Hotel

Take advantage to get on board! Again, for the limited numbers of rooms and nights, The Queen Mary Hotel has given the JCCS visitors and participants a special discounted rate! Don’t miss and book the rooms now, as they are always popular. More info: Check our HOTEL page here  

29 Jun 2016

JCCS 2016 Press Release

“Restored or original? Modified or stock? Tweaked or factory-fettled? Toyota? Mazda? Honda? Nissan? Subaru? Mitsubishi? Isuzu? Diversity makes our hobby great. At this year’s 12th annual Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS), to be held 9am-3pm on Saturday, September 24, 2016, along side the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA, we

27 Jun 2016

JCCS Registration Opens on July 1st

Kyu-sha fans of ladies and gentlemen, as always the JCCS show-car and show-motorcycle registration will open on July 1st. This year, for the early-birds registrants who signed up during the time of July 1 to July 31 will receive a surprise JCCS goodie at the show.  Hope you will like

01 Jun 2016

Nissan DNA Garage Tour at Nissan Jam! JCCS!

Be a part of historical NISSAN DNA GARAGE TOUR! The first stop was the Z-Bash car show in April, and the second stop will be our “4th Annual NISSAN JAM“! With the larger and greener venue, you will have an opportunity to visit the official NISSAN USA display and receive

01 Jun 2016

4th Annual Nissan Jam – June 12. 2016

In 10 days! JCCS and JNC’s joint event 4th Annual NISSAN JAM will be held on June 12.2016! The new venue La Palma Park in Anaheim – where lots of green and shades will welcome you all ages of Nissan, Datsun and Infinity. Mark on your Calendar, the registration will be