Sep.15.2012 Queen Mary. Long Beach. Cali.
 JCCS News #37- June. 17. 2012 issue
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The 8th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show
will be held 9am-3pm on Saturday, September 15, 2012,
along side the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA.

To the Japanese Classic Car fan, the number 8 is a significant one. In Japan, there is a proverb: "Stumble and fall seven times, and stand up eight times." It testifies to strength and determination. So it was with Japanese cars in the USA in their infancy: it took a decade or more for the idea to catch on. The hard work of winning hearts and minds in the 1970s was over, and by the time the '80s rolled around, the Japanese car had matured and adapted to American driving conditions; this is when Japanese cars became a part of our countryfs automotive landscape. And of course, the number 8, when tilted on its side, is the symbol for "infinity"--the realm of limitless possibilities. This describes the Japanese car in America in the 1980s: unlimited potential.

Toyota launched the Celica, and later the Supra, in the '70s,ccqcq but it was the twin-cam model that was so successful. Datsun's Z models never sold better than when they changed to the ZX designation. Honda's ever-evolving Civic spawned the sporting CRX model, and the Accord was on its way to becoming America's best-selling car. Subaru's Leone line saw the introduction of turbocharged all-wheel-drive models to the lineup, fifteen years before the WRX touched American shores. Storied Japanese marques like Isuzu and Mitsubishi established their own sales channels in the USA. The prejudice was gone by the 1980s: Japanese cars were readilyaccepted on American roads, and both enthusiasts and the general car buyer alike clasped them to their collective breast. Many were even built in USA, providing jobs for millions of Americans: Accords in Ohio, Legacys in Indiana, Corollas in California, Datsun pickups in Tennessee. Millions remember, love, and have strong memories of these vehicles. Whether it was the fanciest Cressida, the least-expensive Sentra, the sportiest Starion, or the slowest Diesel-powered I-Mark, they were loved by someone.....


Thanks for your calls and e-mails about the JCCS 2012 Registration!
No worries, as always the show-car registration will be open in JULY 1st.

Thanks for your patience!!

Follow up report -
THANK YOU for your support
$22K was raised for the Victor/Roadster fund raiser

In the last JCCS news, we asked for your support via
"$100 for a chance to own Victor Lauryfs 1970 Datsun Fairlady Roadster"

If you participated in this fund raiser, thank you so much!
The #111 drawn by Victor himself, and congratulations to the winner, a new owner of his Roadster!!
Here is the drawing moment.

Find your favorite CUSCO products for your JAPANESE CLASSICS ..
JCCS has just received the updated Japanese Classic Car Application Parts Chart!!

!!! New window will open when clicked for this PDF chart!!!!

Applications for classic TOYOTA, HONDA, NISSAN/DATSUN, MAZDA, MITSUBISHI are available!!
Click ABOVE image

Good thing to know, with this chart you can actually plan your perfect shopping in advance.
CUSCO will be waiting for you at the JCCS!!

Cusco official website link(not a chart)

California Events #1
June 21-22 Saturday & Sunday

It is happening this weekend. Visit the Riverside International Museum for the Legend John Morton!
This special weekend is just for you, don't miss out!
Special Guests Attending:

John Morton Bobby Under Kas Kasner
Scooter Patrick Don Devendorf Trevor Harris
Kirk Allegro John Kneep Tony Adamowicz
Casey Mollett Wes Moss Joe Cavaglieri
Rob Walker Clay Cunningham Ernie De Jacomo
Doug Barnholt Ron Nash Frank Honsowitz
Jack Scoville
and more....

Click above image for more details or here

California Events #2
July 1, Sunday - Bayline Gathering

Skylines and other Japanese Classics will be shown at the beautiful marina in San Leandro, CA.
No pre-registration required!

And hey!! You will find the Japanese Nostalgic Car at the event, here the related JNC Blog - click

California Events #3
July 14, Saturday

As we announced the date in the last JCCS, still making sure your calendar is marked!
Do Not Miss, the "No TAX sale" !!

California Events #4
July 15, Sunday

It's that time again!
Eagle Rock - Datsun Nippon Swapmeet and Car Show

below flyers are from past however the information is the same.

Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club
Celebrate!! 35th Anniversary

Got an VJM? Join the club and enjoy the events in WORLD WIDE!!

You will see some of the beautiful Japanese vintage bikes in CA SOON!
(No Japanese car class available)

Dana Point Concourse d'Elegance 2012

TOYOTA Automobile Museum's support since 2005!!

Have you visited the museum yet?
Reserve it for your next trip, business or casual meeting location in South Bay, California.

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