8th Annual JCCS date is set!
Saturday Sep. 15. 2012
Mark your calendar, reserve your day-offs :)

 JCCS News #34- Dec.15. 2011 issue
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All staff from the JCCS Association wishe you a Merry Christmas
and a bright and Happy New Year !
(And of course, your Kyu-sha to be bright, too!)

Hope your winter time is not yet too cold or wet this year.
As SoCal residents are experiencing a cold storm this week,
at the same time Kyu-sha owners in the East coast are trying to save their cars from salty ice on the road.
In Japan, Tokyo area had a first snow in this season which is about 1 month earlier than normal years,
but Kyu-sha owners are ready for several annual big car events in Tokyo coming up soon in January!

We are very thankful that the JCCS was able to accomplish its 7th years with your support.
As you all know, JCCS 2011 had a bit challenging weather for the first time in 7 years...
However, another challenge turned out to be a big success!! - Japanese vintage motorcycle exhibitions.
We have received series of good feedbacks about it and we believe you enjoyed it too!
In coming up 2012, we will continue exhibiting both Japanese classic cars and Japanese vintage Motorcycles.

Please have wonderful holidays with your love ones, and drive safe wherever you are!

- JCCS Association-

Event news this weekend!
Old school Honda to the New school Honda party!

The time is almost the biggest winter HONDA car show!
it is FREE, and FREE food will warm you up too.
Come gather in CERRITOS, the perfect meeting point between LA and OC!
Make sure you visit their website before heading for parking information.
(free at Cerritos Shopping Center)

Super Street RETRO!!

OK, we are sure that most of Kyu-sha guys reading this got SS-Retro already?
If not, oh my my.... GO run to a book store and get your copy today!
If have visited the Super Street booth at the JCCS2011, then you knew about this exciting magazine...
Nonetheless to say, this is one of a kind, a collectible magazine for all Kyu-sha fans!


January 2012 issue now on sale

Seems like there are hot topics keep us warm this winter!
With the featured article of
TOYOTA CELICA, the HSX magazine has 18 pages of
Japanese classics -
Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Datsun/Nissan, Mitsubishi cars and the JCCS 2011 event coverage!
Don't miss this issue and you "may find yourself" in this magazine as well.

THANK YOU you for KOSOKU YUEN Magazine
and CUSTOM CAR MAGAZINE for featuring the JCCS big time!

You can buy/order those magazines at the following book store:

Book Sanseido - more info

It's not too late to get your girl friend(s) a gift!?
Think about your guy friends ...who missed the JCCS and Seven Stock this fall, this is a perfect gift!
Visit http://japanesenostalgiccar.com/ for more selections.

This is a great program for your teens, creating opportunities to get to know about automotive world!
Check out the class schedules in your schools.
Visit hip://www.primemotivation.com/v1/


Sinzo Auto Service : 51 Auto Center Dr.#27, Irvine, CA 92618  (949)-951-5398

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