JCCS News Vol. 27 - March. 14 issue

Dear Kyu-sha fans,

All of us at JCCS are saddened by the events following the
unprecedented earthquake and tsunami in Japan on March 10. As we write this, the story is still unfolding: Thousands have lost their lives, thousands more are still missing, and more than half a million have been displaced from their homes; they're alive, but are required to evacuate--some will never see their homes again. Roads have been washed away, the nuclear powerplants are deteriorating, and Tokyo and near area is cutting back its energy usage so that it can be sent to the North, where the tragedy occurred. For once a day, four or more hours starting yesterday, Tokyo goes to dark; this means even traffic signals will have no power, which could cause accidents and further injury. Meanwhile, in the North, there is no gas and little electricity, roads are washed away, food and fuel are becoming scarce, and to compound things, it's supposed to snow. Everyone has affected, but babies, kids, and the elderly will be hit hardest by these events and its aftermath. It has been a long time since a disaster of this magnitude has affected us so closely, and so deeply.

Of course all of our thoughts and prayers are with the nation of Japan during this terrible crisis. However, we want to help, and we hope that you want to help too. Click here ://www.paypal-donations.com/pp-charity/web.us/campaign.jsp?cid=-12

and you can make an instant donation to the American Red Cross, Save the Children, the Hands On Network, or Global Giving via Paypal for Earthquake and Tsunami Relief. Other charity choices are available as well. 
The  JCCS staff stands in solidarity with the people of Japan as they work to get back to normal. We hope you can help them reach that goal with a donation to the e-link above. 


JCCS Association
March 14, 2011

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