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JCCS Sweepstakes – Kyu-sha Otaku Trivia

JCCS Sweepstakes! Win admission tickets! 

A month to go until JCCS!  Be winners of 3 pair of admission tickets! Pick your answer, and winners will be randomly chosen from the correct answered.

Sweepstakes Schedule: 

  • Week #1  (week of August 21 – Entry close on Saturday & Draw on Sunday. Aug. 27) View Result
  • Week #2  (week of August 28 – Draw on Sunday. Sep 3)View Result
  • Week #3 (week of Sep.4 – Draw on Saturday . Sep. 9)View Result
  • Week #4  (week of Sep.11 – Draw on  Sunday. Sep. 17)  final week challenge on going!

Sweepstake Rules:

  1. One entry by one person/1 email every week– (applicants must be 18 years or older) 
  2. Winners will be chosen at random from among correct answer
  3.  Winners from previous contests are not eligible to win (ie, the winners from Week 1 cannot    submit for Week 2)
  4.  Announcement will be sent directly to the winners via e-mail & announce on Facebook by first name/ initials only
  5. Posting on Facebook, Instagram or email can not be counted as a vote
  6. Winning tickets are not for sale or resale, and parking fee is not included
Click below to enter!
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