It’s Back! Street Neo Classics – 80s/90s Show

Thanks for all gathered at the Street Neo Classic cars 2015! Neo will be back on Oct.23rd 2016!

Come join us at TOYOTA Headquarter


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** CAR CLUB / GROUP PARKING is happening! More info read the rule page.

*** OLD SCHOOL section is open. For your 70s and early 80s Japanese Classics, join us! 


Introducing … the inaugural STREET NEO-CLASSICS – 80s & 90s Car Show

Back in the 1980s, Japanese cars really came into their own: instead of being cheap-and-cheerful econoboxes, they were able to go toe-to-toe with the world’s finest cars at that time, on their own merits and with no apologies. More drivers investigated cars from Japan, and were won over by the sharp performance, the high level of specification, the modern style, the technical excellence, the lush comfort and the utter reliability that these cars provided.

This was the dawn of little Japanese muscles having the guts and temerity to, sometimes, beat the V8 power of tradition American muscle cars and pony cars. This was when magazines like Sport Compact Car and Super Street burst onto the scene, showing a new generation of speed freaks what was possible.

Today, many of these cars are still too new to be considered “classic”–they still live on the streets, and are driven regularly, with great pride, by their owners. They have not yet been relegated to weekend-only status. They are original or restored, stock or custom, full-race or street-cool. What hot rods were to the 1950s, what muscle cars were to the 1970s and early ‘80s, these cars are to our modern era. We call this in-between generation of cars, from 1986-1999, that splits the difference between used car and full-on classic, Neo-Classic. Like the cars themselves, the spirit of Japanese-car love will not die. We invite you to celebrate this up-and-coming genre of car with us!


Please join us on Sunday, October 18, 2015, at the Toyota USA Headquarters in Torrance, California,

for the inaugural Street Neo-Classic Car Show! More info read this page. 


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Japanese Classic Car Show

Japanese Classic Car Show