JCCS – Registration F.A.Q. for cars and motorcycles


Q) Where can I sign up for the show?

a) Please vist our registration page here


Q) I am not sure if my car is eligible for the show. What can I do?

a)  You can send us an e-mail to registration<at>japaneseclassiccarshow.com  so we can assist you.


Q1)  Why did JCCS started a photo screening?

a) After ten (10) consecutive years of shows and much consideration, in 2014 JCCS made the decision to reinforce the existing rules and conditions for its shows because of the number of application registrants and cars to be considered.

Q2) My car is a clean daily driver, but just not a show-car quality. Can I still register?

a) Yes absolutely.

Q3) I had an accident recently and the car has been damaged cosmetically. I participated in the past so can I just bring my car as is?

a) Please repair the car and then register. There is still some time.

Q4) My car is still in a shop without a motor.  I will try my best but can I still register and tow it in without a motor?

a) Towing is an option.  Show-cars need to be running condition in order to get it judged.  Please visit Award Category page for our judging conditions.

Q5) Why all 90’s cars are not yet eligible while some models are ok? Not fair. Can you make an exception for my car? When will they be eligible?  ** Related questions: Why not  Supra MK3 or Celica 4th Gen, while you take Honda CR-X 2nd Gen?

a) Due to the limited space and large volume of demands, JCCS carefully determine any eligible models every year. It is not by simple year cut-off basis. JCCS association makes own decisions by all things considered, and would like it to be respected. Thanks for your understandings. 

Please look forward to the JCCS “Street Neo Classics -80’s & 90’s Show” in October date TBA.


Q6) My parents bought me a Japanese classic but I’m only 17 years old. Can I register?

a) Your parents need to register on behalf of you.

Q7) I never received an automatic- reply confirmation E-mail?  I paid via PayPal.

a) It is most likely because you did not complete the 2nd step of registration process. Step 1: Payment, Step 2, Vehicle Info Form. Or, you typed in a wrong e-mail address of yours. Please also look into your spam e-mail box for a  confirmation email.

Q8) I haven’t received my confirmation “letter” in a mail yet. Why?

a) Your confirmation letter will be mailed ONLY 1 to 2 weeks before the show. Thanks for your patience. However you are welcome to check your registration status any time.  Just reply to your automatic e-mail confirmation.

Q9)  Can I sell my car and also some parts at the show?

a) “For Sale” signs posted on your windshields are not allowed in JCCS.  You can not sell any items unless you are a vendor.

Q10) Can I take my  small dog with me in a show-car?

a) Sorry, JCCS can not allow any animals to be in the show-area.


Q11) Why I could not park on the GRASS area last year?

a) All cars parked by model groups take turns every year. However we consider the entire show-area is in premier ocean front view, all the parking spot is wonderful.



Visitor related F.A.Q

Q11) Last year, I had hard time finding a parking spot in the Queen Mary. Do you have enough space this year?

a) Sorry for any inconvenience. The Queen Mary is a popular sightseeing spot in California, so all the visitors share the parking lot.  However there will be (2) ADDITIONAL free busses just for JCCS visitors from an overflow parking lot to the Queen Mary, which located just only 5 minutes away.

For more information please visit LOCATION/TIME PAGE.


Q12) I was in a very long line to purchase a ticket at the entrance. Can you do something about it?

a) General security check also slows down the speed in lines at the entrance time to time.  However since 2014, a number of staff are added to serve visitors faster at the ticket sales booth.


Q13) Do you sell admission tickets on line?

a) Yes.  E- tickets sales are available on-line for express entry and for your convenience.  Please check back the E-tickets sale page in August.


Q14) I visited the show and parking was full. I went to park across the bridge. Why can you have more space available at the venue?

Please do take advantage of an overflow parking 5 min away from the venue. The parking fee is cheaper and also there are 2 dedicated free shuttles just for JCCS, and also 2 free city basses.  4 shuttles total.

Queen Mary’s own parking situation is tough every year for spectators. We did our best to let everyone know via website, social media and word-of-mouth for alternate parking, but parking was still a challenge for some. We are working with the City of Long Beach and others for a way to improve the parking situation for future JCCS events. Thank you for your kind understandings.


Thank you for your patience and interests!