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Japanese Nostalgic Car – EVENTS: 2014 Japanese Classic Car Show


With the Japanese Classic Car Show now officially 10 years old, it has become an event where people will wait to debut a build they’ve been working on in secrecy for years. Here are some of the best examples of cars that have either never before been seen or have been significantly reworked for a JCCS debut.

One of the most stunning first appearances was Patrick Soliman’s 1973 Nissan Skyline, probably the most faithful application of zokusha style we’ve seen outside of Japan. Rolling into position in the morning, it looked like it had emerged for a sunrise cruise straight outta Chiba.

From the racing jacket to the works style widebody covering 12-inch-wide Techno Phantoms, the car is steeped in speed tribe culture.

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Speedhunters – Japanese Old School In SoCal


10 years ago a group of Southern California car enthusiasts got together with the idea of putting on a new event – one that would celebrate vintage Japanese automobiles and the culture that surrounds them. At the time this was a pretty bold idea, as classic Japanese cars had yet to reach mainstream acceptance.

With old Datsuns more popular than ever and Toyota 2000GTs bringing over a million at auction, that might seem like a strange notion today – but things were vastly different 10 years ago. Sure, there have always been passionate Datsun fans, rotary freaks and old school Toyota lovers – but it wasn’t until the establishment of the Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS) that they were able to come together for one unified showing.

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Stickydiljoe – Japanese Classic Car Show 2014 – COVERAGE

The Japanese Classic Car Show is an event that is always high on my list of shows to attend. It doesn’t change that much from year to year but when it comes to classic cars, there doesn’t really need to be change. Honestly, about 75% of the cars that you encounter at the show are the same as in year’s past, they’re just arranged differently. If you’re looking for all new cars every year, you’re going to the wrong event because it just doesn’t make sense to have all new classic Japanese vehicle builds at an event that promotes timelessness. JCCS is just more of an event where you get to enjoy these cars because they only come out maybe once or twice a year. The owners get to get together and catch-up with one another and the younger enthusiasts who are coming up in the community get to appreciate the older generation. Sure a bulk of the cars are the same annually but the small percentage of new cars always tend to be pretty spectacular. Then those cars make a return and then they get accepted into this unspoken fraternity and become a part of the mix every year. I love going to JCCS. I sometimes miss one or two of them because of schedule conflicts but when I can go, I definitely make the effort. Honestly, the show is so popular that parking makes you NOT want to go but that is just how Long Beach is. If you’re lucky enough to find parking or you go early enough before the crowd rolls in, you’re in for a treat. JCCS is just that good. As a Japanese car culture fanatic, this show is tailor made for people like me. I get excited when I see one or two classics at a regular car show, imagine just being immersed in a sea of them…

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Super Street Magazine – Japanese Classic Car Show 2014 – Photo Gallery


Every year we full-heartedly look forward to certain annual events. No question about it, the Japanese Classic Car Show (JCCS) is one of those all-time favorites. This year was particularly special as it marked its 10th year anniversary and returned to the Queen Mary Park in Long Beach, California.

The moment you passed the Queen Mary parking ticket machine this year you knew it was not going to be an average Southern California car show. The parking lot alone had an impressive array of Datsuns and 86s welcoming visitors into the Japanese Classic Car Show. With so much eye candy in the parking lot, you can imagine the pure unadulterated awesomeness inside.

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